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My name is Amy Thompson; a recent graduate interested in adding value to others lives. The more responsibility we accept for improving our life, the better we manage our destiny. Amazingly, we all face issues working to improve skills, mindsets, and habits. Some issues we instinctively turn around but we sometimes need support and guidance from experience and the productive advice of others.

I bring a realistic point of view while seeking out answers to common everyday issues we all face from time to time sharing what I learn in my blog. When I was in college, we learned not to be biased in our writing. Bias meaning taking a standpoint on an issue. I find sometimes in my writing here bias does exist, but just know nothing is written in stone. I hope you find something worthwhile here especially something that brings value to you.

If you want to receive occasional information in your mailbox, you are welcome to subscribe to my newsletter. My newsletter contains information about products, services, or ideas to help make life easier while being more productive. While my blog mostly focuses on Chinese metaphysics, sometimes my writing include topics in psychology as well as in my newsletter. Enjoy!