All is Well: Everything is Working Out for You

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Do you know what you want? Do you know that source will not go along with you when you reach for negative thoughts? When you reach for a negative thought, you feel bad and depending on what degree of feeling bad you will know how hard you are pushing upstream. If you practice a negative thought and entertain the negative emotions attached with that thought for a while, the harder the resistance will seem and the faster similar thoughts come to mind the next time around. When we put more and more focus on negative thinking and practice holding that negative thought in our vibration, the more instant negative thoughts can filter into our thinking. The slightest thing can set off that negative thought, even something we have no clue.

Have you ever experienced doing something and all the sudden in just a moment a thought crosses your mind and a rush of negative emotions flushes into your awareness. I went through a time when my children were teenagers that just going to the store and leaving them alone frightened me.

Now that they are grown, I begin experiencing being in the middle of the store and immediately have a negative thought stop me in my tracks. “Did I remember to turn off the iron, did I leave the dryer going, did I remember to lock the door” are some of the thoughts that would rush into my awareness. The negative emotion would be so strong I would want to stop what I was doing and rush right home. I now know the reason this could happen so suddenly and be so strong is because all the years they were teenagers I practiced feeling afraid to leave them alone at home.

The thing was I begin experiencing the sudden negative thoughts in the store happen more and more often, and I knew I had to get control over it because I was starting to feel a bit flaky getting somewhere and then all the sudden needing to get back home.

I begin telling myself when I would have such a thought to calm myself down and reach for the next best thought. “they will be able to handle whatever the situation, or I am really good at remembering to lock the door” are some of the positive thoughts I begin to practice to bring me back into alignment at the moment I experienced the attacks and took some deep breaths.

Make peace with where you are right now, and know that all is well and working out for you

I do not have those moments so much anymore, and if I do I know what I have to do. I did try at first to pay attention or remember before leaving the house to notice me locking the door, which helped a little. But, I would still question my memory once I got to where I was going. Thats the thing about negative emotions, we have a harder time thinking straight when we are really out of alignment. It does not matter the reasons underlying why I begin to go through the experience, whether I felt I was not good at taking care of my children or not, for example. I know I am a good mother and care enough to watch out for them.

What matters most is how I feel and that I am in alignment with downstream. What matters is right now, you see. We have to see ourself the way source sees us and care how we feel right now. We are amazing creators perfectly equipped and capable of creating empires. Do you know how amazing we are in the eyes of source who only sees us for the pure source we are.

Source can not agree with our rampage of negativity, and one of the reasons we feel so bad in those moments of negativity. When we are in resistance, we are holding ourself apart from how source sees us and all source has for us. Source is all positive pure love incapable of seeing us any way but pure source. Sometimes we may wonder why we have to get into downstream on our own, but source does not co-create with negative streams; source is no match for anything outside pure love; we have to find our way to source. Just a nudge back towards downstream and source instantly there reminding us everything is always working out for us; all is well.

We have to focus down stream and get in that stream so we begin moving toward our dreams. I started taking a deep breath and wait for only a few seconds until I felt better. What is amazing is source helped me reach for more positive thoughts further bringing me back into alignment. It amazes me how quickly our boat turns when we make that initial effort to change direction of our current. Just a nudge turning the front of the boat back towards down stream. Just let go, take a deep breath, and reach for the next best good feeling thought; it will come.