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I am beginning to learn how to decode my bazi chart, so what I write today is just a basic analysis. For those who are not sure of their hour of birth, a way to decipher is to pay attention each year to how you manage with your relationship with your children, subordinates (which is equal to children), assets that you own, mental state, people you interact with at work, OR current type of work (career).

Know that 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM is the hour of the Rabbit. 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM is the hour of the Dragon. 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM is the hour of the Snake. 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM is the hour of the Horse, and so on.

Most of the time, a birth certificate contains the hour of birth; especially for those born in the past twenty or so years. For those of us born in small rural towns some time ago, their birth certificate does not have the time of birth which can present a problem reading their bazi chart. Not that we cannot obtain a lot and most important information we may want to discover, we just have to assume some things if the hour of birth is not known. The hour pillar not only affects the areas of life I mention earlier in the post, but also represents later in life after age 60.

My birth certificate has the number “630” hand written in between the lines of my birth certificate, not typed as the rest of the information. I ask several members of my family what time was my birth and I got several different answers. I even have a small item given to me at birth that has 1pm written in it. Supposedly, the gift was from my aunt. I figure she guessed at the time of my birth because not many people were present during my birth. However, the written “630” could mean many things, so for a long time I went with the “1pm” written on the gift item.

The year of 2017 Fire Rooster is proven to be a challenging year for me. Prior to 2017, I was finishing up my graduate studies and for the most part financially stable. However, over the course of the year finding a job was difficult. If we think in terms of clashes, I have a Mao Rabbit in my chart in the month earth branch. Rooster and Mao clash. Annual clashes are not as extreme as say a clash in the main chart or even during the ten year luck pillars. We can tell a lot about what our life will be like over the course of ten years from the ten year luck pillar or even in the main area of our chart because these elements stay with us a while or as long as we live.

The month pillar pretty much represents what happens to a person early in life and does not represent much for someone past their forties, but the month pillar can also represent superiors and immediate work environment. I went through graduation at the first of the year so I basically transition out of the field of study for a time. Although, graduation was a time of relief since I spent close to seven years studying in my related field. You could say the transition was a welcome moment in my life. However, I feel the reason I am not working in the field as of yet, amongst other reasons is due to the influence of Rooster on my month pillar earth branch in my chart.

Since I am use to analyzing my chart based on the “1pm” on the gift item, I never thought about the possibility that the Rooster year clashed with other aspects of my chart until I begin reading how a clash with the hour pillar can work out for someone. This past year my daughter just up and decided to move out on her own, and I feel this year has proven difficult for me mentally and emotionally. When I consider the handwritten “630” as my birth hour, Mao Rabbit flies into the hour branch of my chart meaning another clash with the Rooster year. It makes sense that someone would not just write on my birth certificate unless that they wrote is important to my birth! I feel confident that my birth hour is 6:30 AM! Also, the problems and issues I faced this year are temporary. Thank goodness.