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The elements in our chart need harmonious flow of good Qi. If you are not familiar with BaZi analysis and want to know more, you can print out your chart here or even better find a course here. Discovering why things work out the way they do sometimes makes so much sense if you know how to understand the elemental energy changes throughout the years, months, and days (even hours) by analyzing your personal Bazi.

I notice yesterday in my chart a “death and emptiness (DE)” symbol within the year pillar. The year pillar in a chart represents ancestral support, grandparents, or our life before our first ten year luck cycle (mine starts at 7 years old). Not many people spend a great deal of time explaining what a DE symbols means to a person’s chart. Many suggest only worry depending on what is happening with the pillar and the pillar’s strength or weakness; then still not worry very much. In short, the symbol represents a type of hollowness referred to as Kong Wang (Axis, 2014).

BaZi is a very detailed description of flow of energy in a person’s life from birth onward. We learn what the energy in our life circumstances will be by examining the four pillars of our BaZi chart against ten year cycles across our lifespan. Out of the 8 characters in the four pillars, the day master is the main Qi while the other pillars character elements support or hinder that day master (DM). The whole chart of 8 characters (4 pillars) make up the entire person.

DE Interpretation

Each pillar contains a heaven stem and an earth branch. The hidden stem is the combined Qi of the heaven stem and earth branch found directly beneath the pillar. When a pillar forms with a DE we know that pillar is not complete or fully there as it should be because of the calculation of the birth date (chart). My year pillar contains Ding Fire in the hidden stem represented by Hurting Officer, so I am wondering if my father not being around during my life reflects that incompleteness due to the DE.

Since the year pillar represents my earlier life (4 or 5 years) and a heightened spiritual awareness I am not sure what that means; yet..  I know when I was young for a brief time I was pretty much on my own because my mom allowed me to live with my sister and I got to do whatever I wanted (at 5 thats pretty fun). My grandmother was in her 70’s when I cam along and my grandfather passed away when I was two years old, so I do not remember him. I am also the youngest out of seven children and my mother was 40 years old when I was born. Most of the people (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) in my family were much much older than me.

GUI Clash With Ding

During the third ten year luck cycle in my chart, a clash happens against the Wu earth branch (EB). I am thinking that since I am a strong day master the fire element in my year pillar (Fire) is strong. So when GUI came against the fire of my year pillar the water supposedly quenched the Fire of my year pillar because water always wins the battle with fire. Since I am a strong Jia Wood Day Master, Fire is my output element. No, I do not breathe out fire (although that would be cool). Remember each element represents a type of characteristic natural for us. Also, Strong day masters like to control, produce, and be controlled.

When I mention that Fire is an output element of my Day Master, I am referring to the production cycle of the five elements. We want there to be harmony in a chart and a strong Day master refers to control an element (wealth), as well as produce an element which in the case of my chart is called the Hurting Officer. Hurting Officer is another characteristic we can use to interpret something about the person’s character. I think I am beginning to under the idea of characteristics being rooted because I do not have a Hurting Officer in the stems so I can tell you that since Hurting Officer is usually rebellious, I did not know at an early age I had a voice (opinion) that I could use to my advantage.

I definitely felt my ideas were unique to those around me, but I would never interject my opinion for fear of being disrespectful (everyone older than me). I have to admit I was opinionated with my friends and sometimes bossy but I always could see a better way and would speak up when I thought they were going about or doing something they should probably not do. Usually, Hurting Officer in the Stem without root in the branch means the person only appears to be rebellious, but once you get to know the person this is not the case. When Hurting Officer is only in the hidden stem, the person intuitively thinks differently than those around them or that is the case with me. Even though my mother and I are close now later in my life, we butted heads early on and quite often. But, I had to go through a time when this talent or hidden characteristic was brought to the surface.

Usually, when you see Hurting Officer in a chart, the Day Master has an opposite polarity. We need to think of the hidden stem as (hidden talents we may have or need to develop) the interaction between the DM and the element in the branch (i.e., DM and Year Pillar-Yang Fire above). The thing about me most of my younger years I did not know I had a voice (opinion) that may be rebuke against someone older than me (DE?; my grandmother took me to church and I always went to church as far back as I can remember) or someone in authority. Now that I look back, many people older than me would benefit from my perspective; except my mother—she is still always right. I took an obedient role but usually walked away angry. Standing against or opposing others opinions were not in my nature but I definitely felt opposition inside.

Hurting officer weakens the Day Master (as does the Eating God) which in turn can also initiate expression of one’s talent such as singing or dancing; even athletics. I was very athletic in my younger years. I rode my bike fiercely and when i was five would walk everywhere; those taking care of me would not know where I was most of the time and I did not think to tell them I was on my adventures. The Hurting Officer activates more on the physical but unless Hurting Officer is rooted or has opportunity I am thinking the characteristic is hidden or internal in nature—only the person knows its there.

GUI water to a strong Day master represents an indirect resource element because Indirect Resource is the the same polarity as the Day Master. My chart says that GUI water in the ten year luck pillar is the Direct Resource. If you look to the hidden stem again (the photo above) you will notice a reference to the ten year luck pillar element just below that element which will have a “+” or “-” next to the word for the element. Mine shows a “-” water element under Zi Rat for the Ten Year Luck Cycle when I turn 27 the exact year I met my husband. But just so you know I already begin to experience this change in my life at least two years prior to me entering the Ten Year Luck Cycle Clash with my Year Pillar. I felt my boss of two years did me an injustice and I moved clear across the country and started school at a University to earn my accounting degree (I would show her I deserved as much as the new girl they give a salary to and not me; of course my mother was sort of behind it all–she wanted me to move out to where she moved a year earlier).

The Direct Resource strengthens the day master (as does the Indirect Resource) as a mother caring for a child. However, the Indirect Resource is less conventional relationship as the Direct Resource which is full on caretaker while Indirect Resource is a type of stand in caretaker. I went through a clash during this Ten Year Luck Cycle with my Year Branch element Wu or Yang Fire. A clash typically means an abrupt change of some kind that is very obvious in a person’s life (To Kong Eu, 2017) and yes when I met my husband my life changed dramatically to say the least. As I mention, I was attending college, but I soon quit to stay home and take care of the children. I did try to work several times during that ten years but our budget always worked better when I stayed home, grrrr.

I also read that this type of clash can represent one’s heart and mind not fully working in harmony with one another (Chan, 2014). I recall that ten years of my life me having to put down my preferences for the sake of making things work. We moved seven times by the year just before my next ten year luck pillar cycle also when the clash was over (To Kong Eu, 2017). I do feel that most of that time I did not trust following others, which was mentally draining for me. I chose to put everything into a spiritual perspective which maybe where the DE in the year pillar comes into play; I am not sure. I did grow up with strong spiritual beliefs and still do today which is a very present characteristic within me. In other words, I may think about getting angry and screaming but I know this is not good and acceptable behavior; if I do show this attitude on the surface (elemental influence) I am usually right and the person thanks me for it later.

Pretty Much Rambling

I am a Jia and do not like moving at all and since the clash happens in the Year pillar of my Bazi represents change in the external environment probably initiated all this moving around during that ten years (To Kong Eu, 2017). I did enjoy the adventure and at least my spiritual beleifs were my personal support (and strength–guidance) all during that time (DE?). Everything I consider at the time as resource (value) or support came under fire philosophically (Chan, 2015). For example, you believe a person is bad then you get to know the person and several areas of your life change because you get to see the other side’s story.

I do approach life from a spiritual perspective, and I can see how I became restless and turned to a spiritual way of thinking to combat being out of my comfort zone of always seeing the right way to move forward or least having the freedom to decide. See, when you get married your choices are not always hinging on what you think or want to do and go do it; not if you want to experience a solid marriage. The funny thing though about Hurting Officer is my husband knows when he is pushing my buttons to beware. He is coming up on a Ten Year Luck Cycle clash, so I hope I do not get the blunt of his clash. At least I have a good handle of what we will be going through to say the least, but he still is not fully onboard with BaZi; I continue to try to convince him of the accuracy. The one take away from my experience is had I known or understood my chart at the time I would know big change is coming for me and the environment would have a different type of response to me.

I would not take things to heart so much or things so so seriously. I would have enjoyed the experience more. Thats huge! Life was a struggle during that ten years and I often wondered why, but everything is put into perspective because I am learning how to read and interpret my BaZi. Its scary to think how accurate something can be based on how energy interacts. I never believed much in fortune telling, but BaZi is so much further from fortune telling, fortune telling should never enter our minds when thinking about Bazi. Newton was sitting under a tree and begin observing gravity, while the ancients in China were observing the Qi; how cool is that? Would I be a full follower of the first famous buddha everyone calls Buddha? Lets just say I would pay attention and observe from a distance. If what he said worked out I would inch closer to where he was going. So far, I am moving toward believing in Bazi mroe and more. You do not have to take my word for it, because many are sharing Bazi knowledge than ever before. Learn to interpret your chart and decide for yourself.

Most people want to know if they have potential upcoming wealth showing in their chart of love on the horizon. I think when we first look at our Bazi can be overwhelming to us. If you are older like me, you might want to peer to the earlier years of your chart to see better how things were working in your chart and relate to that instead of trying to analyze what is coming in the future as far as how the energy interacts. I am not saying to not pay attention to the future by any means just do not stress out too much from all the information contained therein.

For example, everything I write in this post today relates to one ten year luck cycle! I am definitely studying everyday, because there are so many different perspectives on reading different element relationships; make sure to learn from someone who knows what they are talking about. I enjoy sharing my bazi reading journey but I am by no means a seasoned expert. Over time, you will learn what references are trustworthy to your perspective. Sometimes, the answers will not present themselves which means you will have to put on your thinking cap and interpret your chart based on what you know to be true.


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