Law of Attraction: Four Steps To Attracting What You Want

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Regardless of our situation, our perception will guide our reaction or responses. If we are hurting and we come from a background of always seeing the glass half empty, we will continue to attract half-empty because we resist half-full.

To begin, we need to understand what the common term contrast means in conversation around using the Law of Attraction. Contrast is the state of awareness towards something we desire to manifest in our experience. The whole reason we are here is to explore and enjoy the contrast of all that we can have, be, or do in this experience.

Step One: Ask, Contrast helps Us To Pinpoint What We Want; Life demands we ask

Contrast prompts us to all the new experiences available to us. Contrast is the reality of what expands our experience. Contrast does not exist as a means to cause us to resist what we want but build upon it. We cannot help to experience contrast, and we experience contrast everyday all day long. Contrast helps us know what we want to include in our vortex.

The vortex is where what we want exists relative to where we are in our awareness of having of it.  We start building our vortex from the moment of our birth. A lot already exists in our vortex before most people even learn about the Law of Attraction because we experience contrast all the time. Our Universe is ever expanding and can receive as much as we want to put in it. Some never get to enjoy all they have stored in their vortex because they do not know they are constantly asking and the Universe is constantly preparing the receiving of it. So, contrast helps bring things into our awareness that we can experience such as the having of a pretty dress in a shop window or a great pair of sneakers in a commercial.

Because what we want aligns within our vortex, the next step is becoming more aligned with the frequency of what we want to manifest in our experience. In our growing desire, we begin aligning with the reality of our actually having it.

Step Two: Allow: The Universe prepares everything for us to receive.

To generally want something and allow the desire for it to gradually gain momentum, we better allow for what we want to manifest into our experience. The Universe knows what you want to manifest in your life holding its frequency for your having it. In order to manifest the thing we want we have to become a vibrational match to it. Sometimes, we ask for something that is very different than what we have already experienced. If a person has never owned a new car, he or she may have difficulty imaging what having a new car feels like.

We have to become familiar with that we desire in order to have some idea of the feeling of having it. The Universe is working to bring you closer to the having of what you have placed in your vortex. So, there will be opportunity for example to ride in a new car or hear of someone you know buying a new car. These are opportunities the Universe gives you to build your desire in having whatever you place in your vortex through experiencing contrast. However, your pulling away from whatever you place in your vortex will create resistance and tension. An example of resistance would be feeling that the person who bought a new car did so because they could afford it better than you.

The Universe is working to bring around what we want into our experience, but our focus on the absence of what we want or the denying ourself of it can change our frequency alignment with that we have stored in our vortex. The more we resist having that we want the more out of alignment we become. We have to let go of our doubt in having what we want and gradually allow our desire of it to grow. If we have any form of resistance, such as disappointment or frustration, we misdirect our alignment.

Step 3: Close the Gap: Get in Vibrational Alignment With All You Become in Source.

Once we notice the contrast through the wanting of something and allow the desire for what we want to grow, the closer we become a perfect match for the thing to manifest in our reality. Sometimes, one may manifest faster than another, and some things are easier to manifest than others. What makes the difference is how closely we align with the vibration of what we want in our experience.

If we are earning 10,000 a year, and we desire to earn 100,000 the Universe is already lining things up for us to earn 100,000 a year. The only thing that can keep you from manifesting your desire is if you begin fighting against the having of it. If we were to try to figure out how the Universe will work out our earning more money, we begin to focus on our not having more and we start to resist the having of it. We more or less begin to paddle up stream or against the current. Instead, we must let go of being in control of how what we want will come to us and allow the Universe to deliver it. Not one thing active in your experience came through your knowing how it would arrive.

When you order ice cream, for example, you do not think about every little step that goes into  your receiving it. No, you know its on the way and simply wait for the time you will receive it. You may think about how good it will taste, or how maybe you will order another one after finishing this one because you love the way the ice-cream taste. The Universe wants you to receive what you desire because the order is already placed and on its way. Source does not stop preparing your having what you desire, but our changing our frequency through resistance is not only painful but separates us from who we are in the vortex.

Step 4: Manifest: Live it

Our goal is to enjoy the contrast and manifest what we want to be, have, or do. We want to get to a point where we can feel good on our own terms, regardless of our situation we know we will manifest what we desire. Life gives us contrast but we choose what we want in our experience. We either place it in our vortex and build our desire of having it, or we wait for the opportunity of contrast again for something else. We should at no time enjoy the contrast in having what we desire and not receive it.