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When we are in a state of appreciation, regardless of what we are doing we feel good and in alignment. Law of attraction and alignment really is more about emotional well being than crafting some far out thing to come magically inot our lives. I know that the whole aspect of utilizing the law of attraction for many is to experience life in a different more exciting way than usual.

Out of alignment Focus gains momentum also

Many tend to struggle after they experience the joy of contrast and moving through their day seeing the fruits of their labor. They go through a sort of skip in their frequency for whatever reason. Once we get momentum going though practice focusing on something that causes us to align, we know we are on the right path because we feel in control. Momentum in the law of attraction can be a powerful thing when our focus gets out of alignment with where we want to be. Some experience worry, frustration, and even anxiety.

My husband calls achieving alignment “a warm fuzzy”, and I use to wonder what he meant but he means a momentum without resistance. When we focus long enough on something that helps us align, we can feel a shift in our vibration a balance between our thoughts and emotion. If we focus long enough in appreciation, we can slow down negative alignment. Focus a while on something that balances our alignment can turn into another while leading to a rampage of appreciation.

Here is the thing I want to talk about which relates to building up momentum through focused attention and how possible we can maintain momentum on many different areas of our life. While we focus on many areas, we may have a few corks bobbing on top where they need to be while one or two corks we unknowingly hold under the water. Negative alignment perpetuates substantial momentum and seemingly difficult to let go of controlling the corks we hold under.

We must redirect our focus

The reference to corks represent focus important to us. When focus gets out of alignment, our alignment slowly gains momentum in the wrong direction. We refer to those moments as holding our cork under the water. The example describes our need to control some area that should be focused on allowing. The key to utilizing the law of attraction is to maintain focus on allowing so whats in our vortex can manifest.

Sometimes, we get our corks so hard held under the water the thought of placing our focus on appreciation seems empty. For some reason, we feel if we let go and allow the result with be catastrophic. However, the truth is once our corks float to the top, we actually will feel that warm fuzzy.

Our corks must float to align.

As painful or scary as redirecting our focus may seem, we have to take our mind off what we are fretful over. I remember when I was about thirteen, my mother would get to a point worrying over finances she was difficult to be around. After a while, I would see her sitting at the table with her pen and pad just doodling. I often thought she reached her limit, but she was practicing the art of allowing through redirecting her focus off the need to be in control.

The main thing is we must do something to redirect our focus, because once we do we begin aligning again allowing our corks to float. As long as we try to maintain control, we resist alignment. Doodling may not work for everyone. Some journal about what they are grateful for in life, some light a candle and watch the flame, some listen to soothing music, some enjoy a visit to an art gallery, while others focus all their attention on one area that is working well for them. Before you realize, the corks will begin to float again.

You are source; You have a choice

The best way to describe step 4 is once you learn to care enough about how you feel, you are on a regular path of allowing and building up your vortex with choices you want to experience. When we hear of negative things going on we tend to get bogged down and fearful (or angry). We are part of our world, and others are what is deemed as co-creators of our reality.

For example, when you are new to using the law of attraction and going through something you might share your experience and hope others understand what you are struggling with. Rightfully so, others will chime in and we hope others will feel what we feel, but we have to mature and learn frequencies we share with others sometimes are not always good for our maintaining alignment.

We learn to step back and take a look at the big picture and realize each person agreed to come into this experience to create and co-create. Why some people get so out of alignment maybe hard to imagine way they feel they must choose to do the things they do. We do not have to be extreme, because we are source we have the ability to create worlds just by aligning our focus on our vortex. As source, we have a choice.

We can still care about what others go through but we must care enough about our personal alignment that we nurture and care for it on a daily basis. No one can force us out of alignment and we should not blame others for our being out of alignment. We learn how to master our alignment and that is what step 4 is all about. Our personal alignment is our responsibility and we need to care enough to “practice the art of alignment” so that we can exemplify co-creating at its best.

When we show up, we are getting to experience being present and participating in others co-creating. Rampage of appreciation means we appreciate our invitation to share in the experience such as being here and having the opportunity to explore our vortex and gain knowledge and understanding about who we are in source as source living and creating here at the leading edge of creation.

We form opinions here in our physical bodies, what we want to include in our vortex and what we do not. But, each and every person came here to explore and to create, so know each person has a choice in what they want to include in their vortex. We are only responsible for what we place in our personal vortex. When others do things that we feel threatens our personal alignment we must do what we can to get back into alignment and focus on maintaining our own experience. In other words, the only reason we get out of alignment is we make that choice.

Actually, we knew before we came here to the leading edge of creation we are love in its purest form; pure source. We really do not need others to show us how to create because we knew why we come here and for that reason alone. We know how it works, we just forget and need reminding of the amazing opportunity we have here. Each person has the ability to create alongside other co-creators and naturally know how it all works. Once you master alignment you become nearer to the true source you are when you first come here.