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Annual Star Influence helps us know how energy shifts for a particular year. Qi has certain qualities that influence us in different ways. According to the school of San Yuan, nine qualities of Qi exist. Each quality governs the center palace of every home for a period of twenty years, annually, monthly, and daily; simultaneously. We usually are all ready under the influence of the qualities of Qi that span for twenty years, unless the transitioning from one period to the next happens. We are currently in period 8 which runs between 2004 and 2024. We consider the characteristics each quality of Qi (9 total) brings annually but also for an entire span of a period. Period 8 represents the age of information while annual star 8 has the quality of earth energy Qi. The duration of the quality of energy given at certain times also affects us across space.

Annual stars—Qi—transition across the span of twenty years according to San Yuan, bringing about the characteristic of that quality of Qi to the center space of every home. Period quality of Qi transitions from one period to the next; repeating the cycle every 180 years. The quality of Qi for a period takes on the characteristics of a certain element influencing the center of a space for the duration of a period. Once the period of that quality of Qi runs course, transition begins. The transition does not happen overnight. We can begin to sense the change a couple years before the end of a period and remain in that awkwardness of transition for a couple of years after the transition takes place.

Because we know the current period energy, we can fly the stars based on the relative position of all the energies to each other. We also fly the stars each year so we know the annual influence in the various sectors of a home or office. Although the concepts seem confusing, there is order just as in nature. We might say that nature does not always seem to have order. When we experience natural phenomena, we know that nature brings balance but sometimes in order to bring balance there must be chaos. The same theory exists in the relationship between Yin and Yang.

We are currently in period 8 with the annual star 1 in the center palace. What does this tell us about our home or office space? Well we know that all homes and offices are under the period 8 influence in the center palace as well as the influence of the 1 star in 2017 due to the positioning of influence across time and space. Most of the time, Feng Shui analysis does not consider the period quality of qi when flying the stars annually.

Statue of Zu Chongzi in Tinglin Park in KunshanImage by Gisling ➚ available under a Creative Commons License ➚

The variety of qualities of Qi can combine forces that enhance our life. But, other qualities of Qi can repel each other and cause us stress. Stress because of the change on Earth from the influence of Heaven (planets, stars, etc.). Each star’s energy is characteristics of one of the five elements used in Feng Shui. An elemental characteristic given the 1 star and the elemental characteristic given the 8 star conflict bringing negative influence across the globe with attributes of earth element quality of Qi.

Some also consider the original Lo Shu arrangement (the first energy relationship between Heaven and Earth) against the current period. All of astrological influence concepts embedded in the study of Feng Shui relate to precession. Precession pertains to the bulge of the earth, the north pole astronomy pull causing magnetic field changes ever so slightly over the course of hundreds of years. Zu Chongzhi (400-500 CE) understood or recognized these subtle changes long before Einstein ever revealed the theory of relativity (ChinaSage, 2017)!

Many different qualities of energy simultaneously exist with the potential to affect us in positive or negative ways. Feng Shui allows us to know what energy currently affects us as well as why certain changes happen or why certain conditions exist.



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