What is/was He or She Thinking?

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We often wonder what a person was or is thinking to say or do some of the things we might question of their character. For example, you may be dating someone and wonder why the person seems agitated or want to know if the person is taking your getting together seriously. What if we were able to know or at least have some idea of what really is on the person’s mind or in his or her heart?

Well, there is a way to have a better idea of the actual characteristics of a person across most situations in life. In other words, can we know what is the basic nature of a person? According to Chinese tradition, a person can inquire of the masters to have an idea of their destiny. Will I get married? Will I be wealthy? Will I be healthy? In Western culture, we may consider such an inquiry similar to fortune telling. However, the system of analysis for one’s destiny based on the sexagenary cycle is far from fortune telling.

Many people may learn of their Chinese zodiac sign and believe the character traits mentioned in the Chinese restaurant placemat is the end of the story. But, we can understand a person’s character and know if he or she is the best match for us based on knowing only their birthdate. However, we can look further than just the year pillar which is what most placemats only give us. For example, a person born in the earlier part of the same year as someone born in the later part of the year can have totally different characteristics!

In Western culture, we can ask our friend or acquaintance to take a personality test(s) to get an idea on average what their character is predominantly about but we still may only find out one aspect of that person’s character. A long way around the issue is we could spend the next ten years walking alongside the person to get an idea of their natural character, and we might say we know that person. However, we may not really know how that person will react in certain situations.

By taking into account the month, day, and year, we can decode the person’s very nature right down to the hour if we know the time of day of the person’s birth. Is the person dedicated to a relationship, or will he or she make a great team player in life? Just as we can analyze the very nature of our space based on the facing and sitting direction, we can also have an idea of a person’s character or our personal destiny based on his or her birth date.