Amy Y Thompson, BSc, MSc, NLPA

Thank you for visiting Feng Shui Enthusiast website! Everything is energy. Various forms of energy are all around working naturally with and against us. You probably found my website through the movement and interplay of energy. I do believe that energy flows where attention goes, but I still do not accept everything I learn as exact because energy is also dynamic.  Improving our environment or capitalizing on personal improvement allows us to hone in on skills we can put to work improving the quality of our lives. We should at least try to work with what we have and what we know to work. My goal is to discover and utilize what works in improving the quality of life.

I first learned about Feng Shui some 11 years ago reading about Black Hat Sect. I grew to appreciate Classical Feng Shui because of authenticity of the study. After reading and taking several online courses for Classical Feng Shui studies, I decided to share what I learn as a way to keep up with information as well as benefit my readers who may not have the opportunity to take part in study.

I begin blogging over 12 years ago out of sheer enthusiasm for writing. I am currently an aspiring graduate student of psychology. After completing my first graduate studies in psychology, FengShuiEnthusiast.com become not only my personal blog but a place to write about self help topics as well. Other topics of interest you may read on my blog include: social media marketing, web design, computer programming, and podcasting. Other hobbies I enjoy are: photography, graphic design, and textile crafting such as quilting, knitting, and paper crafts. I am especially inspired by topics reflecting on personal energy systems predominantly brain wave entertainment, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Chakra energies, and Qigong (Chinese Yoga).

I post at random times. My blog does not offer post subscriptions. However, I offer subscription to a bi-annual newsletter (sign-up here). If you want to keep up with current postings from my site, you are welcome to like my blog facebook page. You can also follow me on twitter.