Exploring Metaphysics

According to the ancient study of Feng Shui, 30% of our experience stems from astrological influence, while another 30% stems from environmental influences. The remaining 30% stems from personal energy unique to each and every person.

My name is Amy beginning fengshuienthusiast.com in 2007. I first learned of Feng Shui reading about Black Hat Sect Feng Shui which orgionated in the West. I completed Real Feng Shui study at Mastery Academy in 2017. I continue to find interest in ways to establish and maintain longevity in all areas of life while capitalizing on strengths. Over the years, Classical Feng Shui passed down over thousands of years by far remains my favorite metaphysic study. Feng Shui helps us interpret our environment enough we can easily and inexpensively help ourselves.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


Amy Thompson, BAS, MAS