Bazi Analysis Empowers Feng Shui Analysis

Each year, we can know what our potential wealth will be for the upcoming year, month, or day. Many times, Feng Shui analysis across the World Wide Web affords what cures we can put into place to maximize on potential energy. Annual energy shifts according to Classical Feng Shui influences our space differently from year to year. According to the Heavenly Trinity, energy influences shifting on earth from star alignments brings uplifting as well as potential harmful quality energy.

Four Pillars Theory or BaZi (eight characters) analysis in chart form allows us a peek into the what type of energy “imprints” or we acquire based on the year, month, day, and hour of our birth. If we are familiar with the energy system we own and how that energy interacts with the energy of the year  and even the energy of the environment around us, we get an idea of what type of luck we will have throughout the upcoming year, a little further analysis, across our lifespan.

Most people may be familar with the Chinese Zodiac and read their astrology report each year according to their animal sign. However, Bazi analysis goes a step further by comparing our energy blueprint based on the year, month, day, and hour of our birth. If we consider how the physical body works generally across all humans, we will know that annual energy patterns influence all space the same.

However, we wonder why some may prosper more in a given year or less given the annual energies are the same for all space. Across all areas of the globe have the same influences each year that interact with a home or office, but the energy patterns of the home or office based on the time of occupancy can slightly and significantly change how we interpret the annual energy influence.

A third factor we take into consideration during an in-depth analysis is the time of a person’s birth and how that person’s energy aligns with the energy systems of annual star influence as well as the natal chart energy for their particular space. Three energy systems of Heaven, Earth, and Mankind (the Heavenly Trinity) interact at all times creating cooperative or conflicting energy patterns.

Annual energy influence interacts with the natal energies of the home or office for the span of an entire year. Energy patterns based on the facing and sitting direction of a space lasts for a span of twenty years. Every twenty years, all home and office natal energy patterns will undergo a shift. A person’s personal energy system given or acquired at birth based on the Five element Theory lasts for the span of the person’s entire life. A very basic explanation is energy influencing us at any moment comes through interactions between the annual energy, natal energy of our space, and personal energy. Too, direction certainly influences us as well at various times.

When we read our annual Chinese astrology forecast, we are getting a very generalized outlook on what the year possibly has in store for us. Of course, any form of astrological foresight has weaknesses and nothing is written in stone. However, these annual reports sometimes in hindsight can seem pretty accurate. When we are able to interpret what type of energy patterns we work with personally throughout our life span, we fine tune that interpretation through Bazi.

We can determine if a person born in the year of a Horse may struggle more than another person born in the year of the Horse (Rat, Ox, Boar, etc. ) based on his or her Bazi analysis. Not all Horse Chinese Zodiac signs will struggle the same even though they are all of the Horse Zodiac sign. If you notice with each new Chinese New Year, the zodiac of the year has an element quality of fire, water, earth, wood, or water.

You may be wondering how a person’s Bazi chart empowers a Feng Shui analysis outside knowing a person’s Personal Kua number. Personal kua numbers base how a person will benefit from certain directional energy. Bazi analysis bases how we might personally benefit from certain energy influences based on elemental (The Five Element Theory) energy. Performing a Feng Shui analysis, we determine if a certain sector, for example, promotes or hinders one person more than another person even if both people have the same kua number.

I personally believe a person receiving a Bazi Analysis benefits more during a Feng Shui analysis. We exist within similar environments, but we can reason that not all people benefit the same in spite of efforts. Bazi analysis allows us to pinpoint specifics about the interaction between an individual, annual energies, as well as various sectors of a particular space. We want our environment to individually support us just as much as supporting an entire family or work force. While a structure may provide beneficial energy, we have to consider sectors or areas of our space beneficial to some but not all. While some people working and living in that space may not feel the impact of certain energies others may not even if they share similarities across the board.

To Begin learning what strengths and weaknesses exist in your Bazi chart based on your date of birth, you can go here and plot your chart. Do not forget to put whether you are male or female and specify your hour of birth if you know the time. Make sure to scroll to the bottom section that relays information regarding the percentages (pie charts) of wealth, resource, output, power, and you (DM).

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