How to Find Balance In Our Story

I was watching a video online of a popular self help guru share with the audience the story of a person who went through a success program. As I was listening to what each of them were saying, I begin to feel this negative feeling come up inside me. Because of my degree, I know … Continue reading “How to Find Balance In Our Story”

The Reason What We Want Does Not Show Up

I received advice today that one of the reasons what we want to show up in our lives does not show up because of our asking over and over again (are we there yet?). We need to be so in-tune with our feelings (emotions) that when we recognize something we do not want, we automatically … Continue reading “The Reason What We Want Does Not Show Up”

Good Problem Solvers Focus On Something That Feels Better

When we are focus on something that feels better than the feeling of not having what we want; even when that focus is not pertaining to what we want still attracts what we want. The idea is when we focus on what we do not want—or the absence of what we do want—-we are beating … Continue reading “Good Problem Solvers Focus On Something That Feels Better”

Feng Shui and Human Progress

Poor environment conditions, poor communication, or lack of resources can bog down our motivation. Sometimes, we might feel we have little to no control over whether we are able to progress in life. However, we can improve upon personal skills such as our ability to communicate openly and effectively with others. When we feel we … Continue reading “Feng Shui and Human Progress”