Classic Feng Shui to Improve Wealth (Work/Career) Luck

Feng Shui helps us bring harmony in our life by working with the environment. Based on five elements related to water, wood, earth, metal, and fire, we can enhance an area of our space and harmonize the energy to support us in every area of our life. The five elements represent the positioning and rotation of planets in the solar system that shift every twenty years considered periods. Between the year 2004 and 2023 is period 8. So, if you move into your space between these two time frames your space is considered to contain period 8 energy.

Time Period Wealth Energy

There are nine (9) different energies that are assigned numbers which also represent an element energy. So, period 8 represents the element of earth and wealth energy due to being the current period energy (healthy prosperous Qi). In addition to the energy of the current period, there are also nine shifting annual energies that develop relationship with existing period energy of our space. In the center of our space contains the current period energy of the earth 8 wealth element as well as the yearly energy of the 9 star which multiplies the effect of other existing energy. Spending time in the center of our space enhances our chances of increasing wealth potential in our life.

Annual Wealth Energy

Using a compass, locate the southeast area of your home or office which is where the annual 8 energy exists. If you have an entry way in this sector you will not need to do anything more to enhance the wealth energy of the southeast sector in 2018. Spend quality time in this area to benefit from the wealth energy of the annual number 8 star. If you do not have an entry door leading outside in the southeast sector, you can place a water feature to enhance the wealth potential energy in the southeast sector of 2018. Remember to make sure the water feature has Yang energy (flowing) and stays clean.

Water Star Wealth Energy

Another area to consider for potential wealth energy is by understanding the natal chart of your space and locate the water star 8 position (see diagram). Each space has a natal chart of energy based on the facing direction of the space. When we talk about the facing direction we refer to the facing direction of our space intended by the architect of the home or office building. If you have a door that faces east but the facing direction of the entire space faces Southeast, the facing direction of the space is Southeast. By plotting the energy map of your space based on the facing and sitting direction (opposite of facing direction), you can determine where the water star 8 exists. To activate the water star 8, you only need to have a door leading outside where the water star 8 exists.


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