Distinguishing Between Different Types of Feng Shui Analysis’

Thinking about wealth, most people become discouraged when they realize Feng Shui is not magic. When we shift energy through implementing the five elements, we may receive opportunities and unexpected money; however, the shift of energy influences a release of resources held back in the first place.

Technically speaking, the shift of energy becomes healthier energy that in turn influences us which in turn allows achievements we do not initially perceive possible. A key take away, we strive for harmony with Feng Shui. Our environment, namely our home or office space, subtly influences us; especially, overtime. If you ever experienced moving into a new place, the awkwardness you feel at the beginning is the difference between the energy of the new space, and personal energy not use to that space.

Xuan Kong flying star analysis considersĀ first the facing and sitting direction of a house. A house facing West contains different energy in the Southwest than oneĀ facing East, or South. The key take away is knowing specifically what answers we want to discover (i.e., recent breakup, severe illness, financial loss) and then analyze our space for hindering or damaging energy formations.

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