Feng Shui Principles are Useful; Not perfect

The one thing that makes Feng Shui stand out in my mind is that we have the potential to correct negative combinations and ill design. We can love the space we live. Most consider living green, and I also enjoy the idea of green design. Reducing our carbon footprint, we all can benefit, and the more people making a conscious decision when buying products the better we can sustain the Earth. But, the Earth even in all its glory has a bad day from time to time.

When I think of trying to perfect Feng Shui, I have to remind myself and others to do what we know to balance the energies of our space. The constant movement between Yin and Yang is so dynamic, we can only really focus on patterns written down and passed along to us. These patterns are Feng Shui principles that remain a staple knowledge and practice over thousands of years. Even the most knowledgable of Feng Shui practioners will tell you no one space has perfect Feng Shui. Sometimes, the energies require our respect just as a major wind storm or extremely dry Summer.

The good thing about learning how to manage Feng Shui in our life is that we can expect certain changes and know how to prepare ourselves against the negative changes and capitalize on the good ones when they exist and they always do in some way or another.

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