Flying Star Feng Shui – 4 February to 5 March 2018

The changing patterns of Qi in a LoShu grid (bagua) reveals actual magnetic field changes of the Earth as well as the changing planetary alignments at a particular time. As these changes occur, the invisible force we call Qi (ch-ee) shifts and changes location as well as quality. The ancient study of flying star analysis interprets the interaction and combination of these different qualities of Qi which can help or hinder us.

As the Qi interacts with forms, we can address qualities of Qi that are not beneficial to us implementing the production, weakening, and controlling cycles of the five element theory.


Palace Analysis

Center Palace – Cure with Metal Element

In the center is the #5 Earth star. The same element strengthen each other. So, a quality of earth Qi which represents the center palace (nature of center sector) combines with the earth Qi of the #5 yellow. The #5 yellow in period 8 exudes Sha Qi, destructive and one of the worst forms of Qi, influencing the worst kind of problems occurring out of nowhere and influences stress.

East Palace – Cure with Water Element

The metal #7 robbery, dispute, and legal hassle star combining with the wood #3 argument star relates to injury such as handicaps as well as hateful & resentful arguments. Keep valuables, windows, and doors secure when not in use, and area quiet.


Southeast Palace – Socialize/Family Gatherings

Although the #8 Earth star influences wealth and prosperity quality of Qi, be leery of the combination with the #4 wood star relates to mental instability and self destructive behavior; introversion.  In the production cycle, the fire element strengthens earth and weakens wood. Remember to keep this area quiet during 2018 due to the presence of Sui Po (Year Breaker). Normal activities such as family activities work best.

South Palace – Avoid Negative Land Forms

Any form that causes sha Qi (rushing, aggressive) to influence or be directed towards the south palace. Large poles, sharp roofs, traffic flow are some examples of rushing and negative Qi that can influence negative academic luck in the south palace in February 2018.

Southwest Palace – Avoid Fire Element

The #2 black earth star can influence illness in period 8; however, the combination between the #6 metal and #2 black earth is actually auspicious for prosperity. Just be-careful and avoid influencing the #2 black earth star with the fire element which will also weaken the #6 metal star. Just enjoy the energy of the palace in February 2018.

West PalaceComplicated Leave Be Avoid

#7 red metal star combined with other forms of Qi can bring different outcomes leading to financial gain. The #2 star exudes sha Qi promoting illness we should not take chances trying to enhance either of these two negative stars. Keep area secure.


Northwest – Stress and Anxiety – Water Element Cure

Purely speaking about the quality of Qi of these two stars, the #6 metal star is unproductive in period 8. Yet, the combination of the #1 water star and #6 metal star promotes prosperity. Be leery of stress and anxiety related to this combination. Overall, the energy of the sector is of good quality.

North – Metal Element Cure

Water and Earth are a bad combination especially when the earth quality of Qi is the #5 Yellow related to sexual transmitted disease and weakened hearing. “San Sha (three types of evil)” visits the North in 2018. Keep area quiet.

Northeast – Fire Element Cure

The Northeast sector in 2018 carries energy related to arguments, disputes, and legal entanglements. Keep small children away from this area when combining with the #8 earth star. Minimize the effects of the #3 wood star with the fire element.



Finally, I am learning that the most important aspect of discovering inauspicious Qi is best left uninterrupted for the length of time the star visits a sector or palace. Annual influences last for an entire year and monthly influential Qi lasts for an entire month. If you find differences between recommendations, many different perspectives of flying star Feng Shui exist that take into consideration varying information.

Following  the advice of using the production and weakening cycle of the five elements related to combinations, you will be able to understand how certain combinations are auspicious or inauspicious. As we note on a couple combinations where one star is timely during period 8 combining with stars that are untimely, the combination of the elements that enhance prosperous stars can actually be beneficial to us.


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