Flying Star Outlook for May 2018

Lets take a look at the flying star chart for May 2018. One of the factors about considering Classical Feng Shui analysis is that time changes the energy in our space. We may be enjoying a good month, and the next month all heck breaks loose. Can we blame the change entirely on Feng Shui? No.

Remember there is heavenly luck which is endowed on us at birth that will always be with us and that nothing can change. Then, we have man luck which is the things that we do reflected from how we approach our life, and finally there is earth luck which pertains to the environment. You will find most advice will suggest a cure and sometimes those types of cures vary…well most of the time. Each of these types of luck are always influencing our life in many different ways, and neither type of luck controls more than 30% of the outcome of our experiences. So, we place cures to improve our earth luck but only has 30% of overall effect.

In my approach to Feng Shui, my goal is to maintain balance within the pakua. So, you may have a beneficial star enter into a sector and I suggest a cure that may contradict that beneficial star. The reason for this is because I believe we should strive to maintain balance across the board. If the star is beneficial and gives us a boost of luck, great. I am realistic in that change takes time and most influences are here for a month and gone. We want to make sure these subtle changes do not disrupt overall progress.

South: For example, the South sector in May 2018 has the visiting #6 metal star. The star is thought as a beneficial wealth star visiting the #4 wood romance/relationship star. The South sector traditionally has the fire element quality. In this case I would recommend the water element because wood produces fire element. By implementing or strengthening the wood element we are essentially working to prevent legal trouble and disagreements and women ages 30 will not be as prone to injuries by weakening the metal #6 star.

West: The West sector has a disagreement between elements by the #4 wood star combining with the #2 black earth star which can create an argumentative or competitive energy. Since there is not an easy fix and probably not a real concern for negative effect we just avoid this area of our space or at least remember to keep a calm attitude when working in this area for the month.

North: The combination between the #5 calamity star and visiting #7 red metal robbery star can bring about influence of food contamination, mouth ulcers, dental issues, and anything to do with the mouth. Earth produces metal so we want to disrupt this relationship between the two elements. We already have metal cures in place in the North for 2018 so we basically choose the lesser of two evils in this case. The #7 metal star is known for its potential to encourage theft so make sure this area is secure at all times and take care of the food you eat and maintain good oral hygiene.

Northeast: The most negative of all combinations in May 2018, the #5 calamity earth star combines with the #3 wood argumentative star. Metal is your best bet here if need be. Otherwise, avoid this sector as much as possible. Remember, we only use the control cycle (see diagram) when we have an immediate problem. So, you can use wood to counteract a negative situation that needs to be brought under control Just know that implementing the wood element to control the Earth element of the #5 will intensify the #3 wood argument star. Using the exhaustive cycle, metal controls wood and weakens the Earth element.


Not a real good outlook but the areas with positive infuence are just as abundant. Enjoy the Southwest this month for some potential wealth luck. Watch out for the East sector for short lived romances. The center sector where the annual #2 black earth illness star resides gets a visit from the #9 fire star which enhances the influence of the #2. Metal is always the cure for the #2 illness star.

Until next time, live life like you mean it!

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