How Long Does Feng Shui Last or Take To Work

Many times we may wonder from month to month if our Feng Shui efforts are working for us. There are two typical questions most people ask about Feng Shui: (1) Does Feng Shui work, and (2) how long does it work or take to work. I think if you are doing well without any setbacks, feelings of being stuck, or illness, you may be very well enjoying the help of Feng Shui. The continuous shifting between Yin and Yang is what formulate the quality and flow of Qi. Yin and Yang are always in movement, so any change we make to our space should allow us to see the results almost immediately.

Each year, Qi shifts and changes in quality; just as the seasons do. Annual energies do not shift until the new Chinese New Year typically on or around February 4th of each year. If a problem exists with the energy map of annual influences, we may feel the effects immediately if we are correcting our space to harmonize with the annual energies.

If we have a general idea of the energy influencing our space based on the home’s natal chart (can last twenty years), we tend to focus more on annual and monthly shifting energy patterns. The good thing about Feng Shui energy concepts is that the principles are systematic and cyclical in nature repeating the same process ever 60 years. For example, we enjoyed the energy patterns of the Fire Rooster in the year of 2017 which will not occur again for another 60 years.

We can prepare ahead for the upcoming year energy patterns. We usually receive suggestions for getting ready for the upcoming new year energy a few weeks before the changing New Year; but, influential energy patterns usually take a couple of months (month before and month after) to settle in for the year; that is if you do not apply annual cures. You can still experience a change in energy patterns almost immediately if you use annual cures, but these changes are hopefully good changes due to enhancing prosperous Qi influences.

Many Feng Shui experts consider the time occupants move into a space as to what the energy map of the space contains while others suggest a home’s natal energy can update to the current period when occupants leave the home for a period of thirty days; otherwise, the energy map can exist as long as a person lives in a space. I would suggest someone experiencing the same energy influences of a space again in 60 years uncommon because people tend to remodel their homes often or change locations all together and often.

Even after we place annual cure elemental corrections, the various qualities of Qi within our space will yet again shift and change from month to month either enhancing already existing good Qi or hindering good Qi of our space.

Change is happening all around us and in us every moment. This does not mean that a good quality of Qi cannot drastically change. Drastic change is the type of change we take seriously. Sometimes these types of situations can sneak up on us and we want to avoid these types of circumstance by getting acquainted with the energy map of our space and adjusting what we need to adjust so we do not incur any surprises.

With that said, once you learn the foundation energy map of your space and make necessary adjustments, you should enjoy that basic energy flow for at least twenty years. But, we also must pay attention to the annual and monthly energy changes that can affect the harmonious flow of auspicious Qi in our space.

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