How to Fly Stars For a Studio Apartment

If you are familiar with living in a studio apartment, you will know that every inch of the space matters. A one room apartment receives the same energy influence as any other space regardless of how many room that space contains.

First, use a compass and find the North direction. Knowing the North direction, you can next use a grid to diagram your space. Measure from each of the furthest walls to help with dividing the space evenly within the bagua (example below).



Once you know the North direction and you evenly place the bagua grid over your space you will be able to determine the other cardinal directions. In the example above, the studio apartment bathroom is in the North sector. The main entry way is located in the South 1 direction, the balcony door sits in the East, and the bed sits in the West area of the apartment. As the different areas align with the appropriate cardinal directions, you can determine where the annual (and month) influences exist within the apartment.

The same principles apply to studio apartments as other homes for having a bed along the wall with a good view of the door (no surprises). Also, an entry door that forms a straight line with another door (or window) leading outside should have something in between for slowing down Qi entering the space and discourage that Qi from flowing straight out the other door or window. The goal for harnessing Qi is for it to enter and flow around and through the entire space. Qi that flows along tight narrow entry ways or a straight line gains speed and becomes dangerous.

Using this technique to fly the stars for a studio apartment can be used for a single room such as a garage, bedroom, even a desk. Why we fly stars for a room or desk is to tap into auspicious Qi when a room or area is predominantly inauspicious. Sometimes we may have to use a room that is advisably bad, but we can still tap into auspicious Qi that is still within that room by flying stars for a single area.  Flying stars for a single room also allows us to be aware of doors, windows, moving fans, or even a tree outside possibly activating potentially negative Qi within that individual space.

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