Feng Shui and Human Progress

Poor environment conditions, poor communication, or lack of resources can bog down our motivation. Sometimes, we might feel we have little to no control over whether we are able to progress in life. However, we can improve upon personal skills such as our ability to communicate openly and effectively with others. When we feel we can be open and honest with others, we know we are either confident or we have supportive people in our lives. After all, when others listen to us, we feel important and accepted. Individuals that offer this type of support are helpful people and noble people in our lives.

The third chakra’s goal is clear communication. Most guides for clearing our third chakra suggest speaking our truth. Being assertive is one way of speaking our truth. When we speak our needs or values to others, we can be more assertive by beginning our statement with “I” and be as concise as possible while also remembering to respect others feelings and values. One of the reasons we sometimes fail to speak our truth is fear of offending others. We can speak our truth in such a way we do not offend others. For example, our values are just as important as other values are to them. We may want to tell someone “no” instead of agreeing to go along with some action or deed that might tread upon our values.

We can tell a person in an objective manner “no” which is speaking our truth in such a way that appreciates another person’s values yet sustains us in our own values. We can suggest that “at this time I prefer ______ rather than _____, or at this time I believe _______.” We all have our independent values, so our value may not be the same as another. On the same token, our values are not more important than another person’s values even if we differ in values all together. The only way the other person can truly know us is when we speak our truth. Speaking our truth allows us to feel stronger as a person, raises our self esteem, as well as feel confident in the values we stand for in the world.

In Feng Shui, we do not have one specific sector that governs our ability to speak clearly and effectively; although the south sector governs communication.¬†We need flow of harmonious Qi in our space to experience quality of life; so, we need to be aware of any missing areas or sectors affected by shar Qi pointed towards sectors governing certain qualities of life—aspirations. Sectors governing growth partially missing or affected by shar qi might influence our ability for progress which governs the East sector of our space. Annual star influences can affect certain sectors of our space degrading the quality of Qi that lasts for an entire year, but these influences can directly affect our personal energy as well. Good awareness of the how the energy influences our environment may help us decode where the source of issues exist.



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