Feng Shui and Human Progress


Each year in February, the annual star energies fly around our space and land in a different location. These changes can be beneficial or not so beneficial depending on the quality of Qi that particular star brings to a certain location of our space. According to Xuan Kong Flying Star study in Feng Shui, we can be aware of what areas of our space will need for us to spend more time in order to keep active prosperous and beneficial Qi while other areas we want to avoid spending to much time so we do not inadvertently activate inauspicious Qi.

Negative Sectors

The worse of the stars we always want to keep our focus on in the new year is 2 Earth, 3 Wood, and 5 Yellow. We may place cures to weaken the effects of inauspicious Qi in our space for 2018, but the ultimate goal is to spend time in quality areas with beneficial Qi. Depending on the quality of change in energy in our space, we may need to change our focus and goals for the year.

When we consider how the annual stars fly into a sector we must remember that the palace star is the presiding energy and the annual star is the visitor. We want the visiting star to support the palace star. We also have to consider the facing and sitting stars. Here we will only focus on the visiting star influencing the palace star in the natal chart of all homes.

Remember that even when we enhance an area heaven influence is 30% of our destiny while environment (earth luck) influences 30%. Our actions and behaviors (human luck) contributes another 30% of our luck through our actions and behaviors. We cannot expect enhancements (earth luck) to do all the work for us.

#2 Black Earth Star — West (Dui) sector. Dui gua has the similarity of metal Qi which is currently in a weakening state of retreat. The #2 star is a very weakened to the point of voidness. So what happens when Earth Qi that is void meets with metal qi that is already in a weakened state? The earth element combining with a weakened retreating metal energy cannot mean anything good. These two together mean the energy can influence mouth, throat, or stomach problems. If we think of the type of Qi that is prosperous and uplifting, we want the energy to promote health and happiness. Spending too much time with the combination of these negative qi can be depressing and sickening. No uplifting qi with these combinations.

#3 Jade Wood Star — Northeast Gen gua. Gen gua gives us the image of a mountain and is currently a prosperous energy qi. The #3 star when prosperous is a good star for those who are willing to take action to accomplish difficult goals. However, the #3 star is currently in a very weakened and negative state so if you can imagine violent thunder on the mountain you can imagine that aggressive energy of the #3 star can come across and scary but to a mountain does not pose a threat. Still, the thunder can seem like aggression as well as supports gossiping and hot temper flaring all the sudden. Spending too much time in the sector of the Northeast this year will only subject one to the energy of the threatening qi of aggressive thunder.

#5 Yellow Earth Star — North Kan Gua. Kan gua relates to one’s good name and reputation. Kan gua is currently an auspicious Qi. Yet the combination of Kan Water and the Yellow Earth of the #5 star can only disrupt one’s good name or hard work related to reputation. The #5 yellow earth star can be of good quality just as stable earth can be. However, when the #5 star is unstable means earth that is dangerous when triggered. Imagine all the good fish of the water building homes and becoming plentiful and then a landslide of yellow earth falling into the sea. All the hard work has to begin again and can take a long time to rebuild. And since the Kan gua relates to the kidneys and circulation; imagine what happens when yellow earth clouds the good water of Kan.

#7 Red Metal Star — East Zhen Gua. The Zhen Gua represents the energy to take calculated risk and fairing well financially as long as the timing is right and the risk is under control. In other words, you would not take risks unless you know what you are doing or have some experience to back up the risk you take. Since the #7 Red star has the metal energy qi would be the same as metal chopping wood bringing the wood under control. However, the #7 red star is retreating qi exerting influence can cause one to fall subject to being robbed. So, we want to be careful of in the event we trigger this combination even if we might benefit from controlling the risk we may find a backlash from doing so. Even though you feel confident the risk is worth taking, you are better avoiding the outcome.

Overall Good Sectors in 2018

#6 metal star is in the Southwest which is good for career. If you want to improve your chances for career luck which also relates to finding work or improving your chances for promotion you can activate this sector primarily by spending more time in this area. Having a door in this area and using that door often can also improve upon career luck. If we follow the productive cycle and you want to place an enhancement, you can use the earth element because earth produces metal.

#8 earth star is in the southeast sector in 2018. The #8 wealth star promotes opportunities to gain assets and spending time in this sector is good enough to activate the auspiciousness of the welath energy of the #8 earth star. Many people choose to use water element but make sure it has yang qualities which means moving water. If you have a family room here or study, you can activate the energy primarily by using the space with activities that will stimulate and circulate the Qi in this sector in 2018.

#4 wood star is thought by many to be the romance star but is more along the lines of academic pursuit. If you are studying or in training, activating this sector by spending more time here will improve your chances of opportunity and success. If you want to promote the Qi of this star you can add water element.

Center sector this year has the #9 future prosperity star and we say this star multiplies whatever Qi is already influencing the sector. The center sector in 2018 relates to future prosperity so spending time in this sector comes with caution. As long as the existing energy here is auspicious you will benefit from spending time here in 2018.

Finally, there are three areas to be aware of each year which are the Grand Duke, Sui Po, and San Sha. The San Sha means three types of inauspicious energy that is in one area of our space each year. In 2018 San Sha is in the North. The way to live around the inauspicious San Sha is to always make sure to face that direction and not sit with our back in this direction. The Grand Duke is an influence from the location of Jupiter so we want to make sure not to face the Northeast 1 direction in 2018. If you feel you are risking facing the Grand Duke while facing San Sha face another direction and you will be fine. Avoid sleeping with your head pointing in the direction of Grand Duke. Lastly is Sui Po which is the opposing force of the Grand Duke in Southeast 1 direction. We can live around this energy as long as we do not move large pieces of energy or make abrupt noises that can trigger the energy of the Sui Po.

Remember, we do not analyze the energy of our space to. build on our fear. We only recognize where the good and negative energy exists so we can improve on our earth luck by knowing where to spend more quality time in auspicious areas. We cannot do much to change the heaven luck or the influences we incur due to planetary and star influences. We must also remember that our actions and behavior contribute to our overall luck for the year. In other words, we may enhance our space to maximize on auspicious energy but we still have to spend time actively engaged within that space to benefit from the auspicious sector’s Qi. Unfortunately, negative energy can influence us even if we sleep in a sector, so we want to make sure to spend quality time in the auspicious areas to offset the negative influential energy.

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