Let’s Talk Energy, Focus, and Attraction

We may wonder what self-esteem has to do with being able to effectively understand how to implement using the Law of Attraction. For example, we may feel frustrated when we want to attract an increase in pay, a promotion at work, or good score on exams, and everything we do to imagine ourselves receiving these things only result in our experiencing discouragement when being passed over during company raises, a position being filled with someone else, or unexpected low exam scores.

We may want the opposite of these things, especially if we feel we are doing everything necessary (that we can think of or what others advise us to do) to utilize the law of attraction. Disappointment and frustration may cause us to feel incapable to attract that we want in our life. Disappointment and frustration go hand in hand. We may even get to the point we want to give up which is discouragement. These are all normal feelings that we might feel when what we want is not showing up in our experience.

The law of attraction works by tapping into the frequency of our feelings lining up similar experiences for us. Disappointment, frustration, and discouragment can work against our self-esteem if we are not aware these feelings are natural when what we want does not show up in our experience.

Emotions are Adaptive/Survival Mechanisms

Emotions help us to develop and adapt to our environment. If our body can get our attention to some event whether internal or external, we become “aware” of that something in our experience that is off key from our intended goal. For example, we may feel a sense of urgency when we smell a certain smell or jump when we hear a loud noise. Our sense of urgency or reflex of jumping are two ways our body uses our emotions to get our attention. Due to the shift in our feelings or emotion, the purpose is so we adapt and grow.

Feeling Better is Our Only Goal

When we feel a sense of discouragement, our focus changes. Instead of focusing on the reasons for our discouragement, we redirect our feelings towards stability. Instead of thinking we are incapable, we focus on our capability. Discouragement is one of the emotions we naturally feel sometimes that can linger in the background of our mind for a long time. In utiliizng the law of attraction, our emotions are key. What we want does exist and will come to us, but any feeling of discouragement lingering in the back of our mind can significantly alter our success in using the law of attraction. We do not want to spend to much time in the emotion of disappointment, frustration, or discouragement because not only will this alter our success in using the law of attraction but also eat away at our self-esteem.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy with different frequencies. Our emotions also have different frequencies. Success in attracting what we want to show up in our experience means our feelings are similar frequency to that we hope to attract. How can we notice a beautiful flower if we are upset? We would have a hard time appreciating a beautiful flower if our emotions are raising our brain activity. The law of attraction is a force that works at the level of energy frequency. The law of attraction does not select differences between a new job or a passing score on an exam.

What the law of attraction does detect is the difference in the frequencies between our emotions linked to our experiences; past, present, or future. If we feel discouraged which at the level of the law of attraction has a magnetic potential as do all feelings, the law of attraction detects that frequency and directs the flow to similar frequencies. Frequencies at the level of attraction are drawn to each other which is why we seem to attract similar experiences. If we are in the frequency of appreciation, we notice the beautiful flower and feel more feelings of appreciation. So, the only way to change our experience is to change our frequency shifting to the frequency similar to that we want to attract.

Discouragement is a natural feeling we might feel when what we want is not showing up in our experience. But, what we want not showing up in our experience does not mean the law of attraction is not working. If anything, we recognize that what we want not showing up in our experience and our feeling discouraged proves the law of attraction is working in our life. Sometimes, we need to work through our feelings so that we can gravitate toward feeling better thus increasing our chances of attracting what we prefer showing up.

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