The Red Pill or The Blue Pill

Morpheus in the movie “the matrix” give Neo the option of taking the blue pill which would allow him to forget knowing the truth and live a life without remembering the truth, or he could take the red pill and struggle the rest of his life to live his truth. Sometimes, life might feel as…

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Good Problem Solvers Focus On Something That Feels Better

When we are focus on something that feels better than the feeling of not having what we want; even when that focus is not pertaining to what we want still attracts what we want. The idea is when we focus on what we do not want—or the absence of what we do want—-we are beating the drum of what we do not want. When we are focusing on the absence of what we want; we may even try to excuses for why we do not have or attract what we want which can cause us to feel worse. Even though, we use the same method in problem solving. I remember my mom always asking me “so why do you think that is?”

Apparently, the technique of identifying the problem is not what we are to do when we want to shift our focus to something that feels better. Of course, the advice comes at the level of how bad we may be feeling at not having what we want in our life. For example, we might feel a tinge worse at the first event that causes us to take note of the absence of what we want. Overtime, the more we notice the problem or issue the more frequent we pay attention to the problem validating the absence of what we want. So, the law of attraction supports where we are in our belief of the having what we want in our life.

The idea is to not dwell on our problems. Some issues we cannot avoid in life. The secret is that we must come to terms with the absence or lack of what we want, do what we can to change the direction of our problems in a constructive way; then let it go. Years ago, I remember hearing the example that if we are in a tailspin we better focus on where we want to land instead of where we want to avoid! In essence, we are good problem solvers when we focus on the answer; not the problem. I also think this is the power behind the placebo.

I am aware of the problem, but the answer is on its way

When we look and do not see what we want and dwell on the absence of having it, we just make ourselves feel worse in the not having of it and the more immediate our response in our vibration will become to that issue. In turn, the law of attraction sends more experiences to validate our problem. The law of attraction is multiplying (duplicating, matching) and sending more back to us the vibration of where we are in our feeling of not having what we want or need. That is reality.

Remember the law of attraction states that “like attracts like” on a vibration or frequency level. One of the reasons we have difficulty in using the law of attraction correctly is we think by telling ourselves we do have what we do not have we will bring it into existence. Unfortunately, attracting what we want does not work that way. Our inner person knows when we are lying to ourselves! This is the reason affirmations seem awkward! What does work is not when we change our thoughts but when we change our mood and feelings away from not having what we want to something that feels better.

What is even weirder is that we attract the problems we experience in the first place. Yet, the faster we are able to let go of our focus on not having what we want–our problem— and place our focus on something that helps us feel better—the answer, we will begin to see more things that feel good showing up in our experience. One of the reason we go general in our focus to help us feel better and let go of resistance is because going general helps us change our frequency. Once we change our frequency and we feel better, the better we can feel about other things we want to manifest in our life; we can easier believe anything is possible.

“If your desire is strong enough regardless of what you think your desire will triumph” ~Abraham Hicks