Before Selecting Your Bedroom Consider Feng Shui

In Classical Feng Shui, we determine the energy of a particular room or “sector” of our space based on the Pakua. For each area of the Pakua, we find an area pertaining to a certain energy related to an area or aspiration typical of every person. For example, the Southwest belongs to the relationship energy, the South to fame, and so on.

Define the Purpose of Your Space

You can get an idea of the type of energy typical of any area of your entire space according to Feng Shui because of the pakua. Are you considering the space for a bedroom? What area of the pakua does that particular room belong?

Aligning The Pakua

To know what area of the pakua your space belongs, just align the pakua based on cardinal direction. Take a compass reading of the entry way of your home or office with your back toward the door looking outward. Most consider the facing direction of our space difficult to figure out. My advice is to consider what the designer of your home planned to be the front of your building. Most homes and offices will have the front door or entry way on that side of the building. The more important reading is to have your back to the front area of your building facing outward. For example, if your compass reads 270º with your back toward the intended front of the facade, your space faces West also known as the “Dui” palace.

The room furthest across from the entry door looking inside belongs to the “Zhen” palace related to the aspiration of Health and Family. Matching all corresponding rooms to the pakua you can determine the foundational energy each specific room offers. At a very basic perspective, you can enhance these areas according to the aspiration of that space. If you find that one of the rooms of your space shares in two areas at the same time thats ok! Most houses and offices have at least one room filtering off into another sector.

Why We Want To Know

The pakua is useful in that we learn what rooms of our space receive energy pertaining to one (or two) of the life aspirations. One of the main reasons we want to know where each of the aspirations align with our space is so we can decide where we want to establish a bedroom, family room, or maybe even an office. For example, you might decide to have a bedroom in the relationship area of your space or an office in the wealth or education sector of your space. The energy specific to a certain aspiration influences more strongly to that area of your life. So, spending time in a particular area of your space activates that particular energy. We want to make sure that these areas are clutter free and that we fix or repair any broken items such as doors, furniture, or perhaps walls.

The pakua helps us determine in particular where certain aspirations of life energy exists in our space. We can use this information to know if we are using that space to benefit that area of our life; especially, we can make sure these areas are clean, organized, and in good working order.

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