Refresh and Renew Your Space for Good Feng Shui

Dust and dirt has a sneaky way of finding its way inside, and more in some spaces than others. If you live a dry, dusty climate or next to a busy road you know that dust is a challenge to keep under control. Every time we go in or out our space, these small particles can find their way into our space. Regardless of how much we clean, pet dander and dust are contenders with our peace and tranquility. Qi will flow throughout our space after we place our annual and monthly cures, but the dust and dirt that finds its way into our space can slow down the flow of uplifting rejuvenating Qi. Overtime, the collective Qi can become harmful to us. We have a few ways to keep Qi moving and flowing freely throughout our space.

Furniture Placement: Allow room behind and under furniture for easier clean. When we place furniture too close to the wall, we may be less inspired to clean the dust and dirt that finds its way along the wall. By making sure our furniture is far enough away from the wall, we can slide our vacuum along the baseboards and underneath the furniture to remove any hidden dirt and dust.

Filters: We may not think about how dust quickly collects in areas of our home that use filters, such as over the stove and in the air filtration systems. Making sure to change these filters out with fresh new ones. In a single person apartment or vacation home without pets should change out filters every 6-9 months. An average size home without pets should replace filters every 90 days. A home with pets should change out filters every 60 days. If someone in your home has allergies and you have pets, filters need replacing every 20- 45 days. We use exhaust filters to remove cooking fumes and moisture. Stove filters or range hood filters can be cleaned by soaking them in warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes, brushed with a hand brush for tough to remove grease and grime, and let dry before replacing.

Under beds, stoves, and refrigerators: It amazes me that no matter how clean we keep our floors somehow food particles and dust creeps its way under the furniture, closet floors, and under the stove and refrigerator. While we need to make sure to clean under our sofa cushions and furniture at least once a month, we may not think to clean under the refrigerator and stove as often. At least every 5-6 months we can pull our stove and refrigerator away from the wall to sweep and mop underneath appliances; even our washer and dryer. I have a fancy attachment that supposedly gets all the dirt and dust from under the stove, but I found when pulling the stove completely out I had more food and dust particles the attachment did not reach.

Think Up Above: We often do not think of the areas we do not see that can collect dust and dirt. Dust is a type of dirt, and when we do not clean the dust from around the top of doorways, cabinet tops, and ceiling fans, we will find this collecting dust turning into dirt. Remembering to get above our space we get a birds-eye view of areas that dust collects we may not often think about in our space. Where your vacuum attachment brush is useful, you can easily reach the tops of doorways and curtain or drape tops as well as venetian blinds; even fake plants. Remember when using a ladder to make sure the ladder is in good working order, someone to brace the ladder while you are using it, and never stand on furniture or chairs to get at that hidden dirt and dust.

Inside Drawer and Cabinets: Taking out the trash every day, we avoid those smelly odors and possible allergens that can grow. I find many times taking out the trash and replacing the scented can liners reminds me to clean the dust from inside my kitchen cabinet. Opening and closing drawers has a way of letting in dust and dirt over time that collects. Once a month take a vacuum to those drawer and cabinets bottoms. While there may be carpeting in closets and no traffic there, closets collect dust that is not visible to the eye. You can really feel the difference when vacuuming closet floors, especially utility closets where dust and dirt sneak underneath the door when we are not paying attention.

Dust and dirt will undoubtedly find its way inside our space. But, we can manage the flow of Qi throughout our space if we take these few steps to keep control over dust and dirt that can overtime slow down the flow of Qi. We will enjoy the open and refreshed feeling when we are able to keep Qi moving throughout our space and avoid Qi collecting and becoming stagnant which can cause us harm.

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