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Lapis Onyx 8mm Gemstone Bracelet


Ask anyone who works with gemstones and they will tell you lapis and onyx gemstones bring together two of the finest beads signifying loyalty, honor, vision, spiritual protection, and reflection. These beautiful lapis gemstones contain greater amounts of gold flecks and are of finer quality than other lapis beads. Ships United States only.

Sodalite Gemstone 8mm Bracelet


Sodalite may have inclusion of calcite such as lapis but the difference between sodalite and lapis is the lack of pyrite in sodalite that is typically found in lapis giving lapis gold colored streaks. Most of the markings in sodalite are white and turn darker from heat after mining to colors ranging from light to dark grayish blue. Sodalite is a hardy stone that can scratch the surface of other stones if worn together.