Starting An Online Coaching Business

If you are thinking about starting an online coaching business, a few things to consider is your niche, providing testimonials, and advertising those testimonials. With an open mind and experience under your belt, you should not have any problem getting your online coaching business started on the right foot.

What Value You Bring To The Table

Let’s face it, many people in certain fields are successful not only because they know how to help certain clients with certain issues, but they go one step further helping their clients because they have a unique way about them. For example, you may be considering beginning an online coaching business to help entrepreneurs, where you are exceptionally talented in helping a person find motivation to do what they do best.

Maybe you can help entrepreneurs reach success in a shorter time frame, or you specialize in helping your clients findĀ value in their business they did not notice exist. Finding your niche in your market will help you focus directly on specifics undoubtedly growing a reputation clients seek you out in the first place.

The same is true for what we believe sets us apart from other qualified applicants applying for the same job. A company or business wants people on their team that offer value to their customers. Instead of focusing on areas you feel are weak, focus on that one value that stands out from competition.


With each client you work to help in your coaching business, make sure to ask the client to provide a testimony on how satisfied they are with your services.

The truth behind testimonials leading to sales is reviews from past clients and customers. A total of 88% of consumers feel online reviews are as good as a personal recommendation. In 2014, a whopping 32% say they read 4-6 reviews before even considering working with a business.

One thing that customers wonder when reading reviews and testimonies is the authenticity of those reviews, so the more reviews and testimonies you accrue the more likely new customers will want to do business with you. You want to provide your customers with a clear idea of why what you claim sets you apart from the competition. In the process of receiving feedback, make sure to ask your satisfied customer specifically why they recommend your service. That one testimonial may be the one answer another person is looking for in a coach.


Regardless of how many testimonials you earn, you will need to be able to showcase those testimonials on your website where others can see them. Of course, word of mouth is the best way to spread the news you are an awesome online coach, and you may even use facebook to promote ads for your business. Youtube is a great way to showcase who you are and your style of coaching others. Providing samples of your work in the form of free ebooks, newsletters, and short clip videos that describe certain aspects of your abilities and success are other great ways to spread the word.

Plugins are also great assets allowing your website to do some of the heavy lifting of attracting customers. One great plugin is “Easy Testimonials” that uses short-code for testimonials in posts, pages, even widgets. Below, I provide an example of a basic testimonial short-code using the plugin “Easy Testimonials”.

Final Note

I get it that many people go into the coaching business for the purpose of earning a consistent income which encourages many to use automated software to work while the business owner sleeps. However, coaching is about having someone in the clients corner that really cares about how the client is doing and present when they need….well a coach. Make sure your client can reach you when they have a question and that you can be there for them before they ever sign an agreement for your services. Highlight they understand the level of personal one on one coaching they will receive and stand behind that agreement.

Being unable to keep up with the number of clients needing one on one coaching, may require hiring some one to help sift through questions and offer support. Clients get stuck or may not understand something required for them to be the successful person you want and inspire them to be. Most of the time, the same question may come up where support forums can provide clients with easy access to certain topics and answers from helping previous clients. Trying to do everything on your own can eventually cause your business to crumble where enlisting a team can help your business continue to grow.


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