The Reason What We Want Does Not Show Up

I received advice today that one of the reasons what we want to show up in our lives does not show up because of our asking over and over again (are we there yet?). We need to be so in-tune with our feelings (emotions) that when we recognize something we do not want, we automatically accept that our not having what we want helps us have insight to what we do want.

Many will say that the law of attraction does not work (I think the same thing). Maybe I am a bit passive aggressive when I say the law of attraction works all the time just as Gravity is in force all the time. I mean I do experiment with some of the things other advise to prove the law of attraction works. One time i exclaimed my love for the new Mustang GT (Bright Green), and what do you know a week later all I could see were bright colored mustangs. Coincidence? Heightened Focus? The same thing happens when you buy a new car and all the sudden it seems everyone is driving the same type car.

The reason we might have difficulty believing in the truth of the law of attraction is the law of attraction works a bit more subtle than other laws such as Gravity. I find some people disbelieve in the power and force of energy at work in our environment based on Feng Shui, but I am beginning to believe these subtle forms of energy show up through our emotions.

Life causes us to ask for what we want to be, have, or do; the whole reason we are here. I can believe this point of view. I feel this is a healthy way to think of those times we experience hardship. I know that if we never experienced challenges we would not have a reason or motivated to grow. So, we experience something we do not want, the opposite must also exist (what we do want). When we are aware of what we do not want (pain, disappointment, fear) we essentially have a type of indirect connection to what we do want (the opposite). In our feeling the discomfort of our experience (reality) of what we do not want, we can know the distance of where we are from having what we want based on the degree of discomfort we feel having what we do not want. Does this mean that the more we hold our hand in the fire, the more we do not want to get burned?

Maybe I am not understanding the point because the law of attraction supposedly does not function on the physical level. The discomfort we feel is the contrast, emotion we feel, or signal of our higher self nudging us to change our focus. If we do not know this one point, we may feel stuck in our discomfort and not attract what we do want. The greater the emotion the further we are from the emotional signal that aligns us to attract what we do want. So, we tell ourselves we do not have what we want because we have some belief which causes us to feel the contrast. Beliefs are supposedly not real physical things but something we make ourself believe is real because we feel the emotion of the belief (association). We must figure out what belief we have and change that belief to something that feels better.

The problem then is when we ask “where is what I want,” the law of attraction is tuning into our feelings (not our thoughts) and matches that frequency. So, a belief is something we feel not something we think. Usually, we will feel emotion with our recognizing our not having what we do want but our underlying belief is what holds us apart from what we do want. I find this point seems basic but not so easy to work. The feeling we have can be a number of different feelings, and then there is the belief that we have attached to that feeling which can be a number of beliefs. Our job is to figure that out and sort out our feelings as well as our beliefs. The law of attraction functions through increasing (intensifying) our feeling around whatever belief we have for why we do not have what we want. Focusing on the absence of what we want, we are basically asking for what we do not want; through the emotion we feel. In turn, the law of attraction matches the signal we emit and sends more of the same. I interpret this as we are basically reimbursing our emotion and belief. You know the ones we need to change.

Truth is we can (you can, I can) attract what we want. If we do not get stuck in resistance, we move to the second step of believing what we want is available and exists. When we successfully move to step 2 believing, we can get into alignment with the good feeling (belief) that what we want exists and is on its way to us. We do not know how or when, but we know what we want will show up because we believe what we want exists and so we are asking for that.

Just as walking along a path first traveled will not automatically open up to our destination, attracting what we want means we may at times lose belief our destination does not exist (or we will never reach it). As long as we continue to focus on our destination and believe we will arrive, we will naturally gravitate toward where we want to be and where we want to be will gravitate toward us. The same is true for what we want to attract. We have to continually practice the good feeling of having what we want until we connect with it.

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