The Red Pill or The Blue Pill

Morpheus in the movie “the matrix” give Neo the option of taking the blue pill which would allow him to forget knowing the truth and live a life without remembering the truth, or he could take the red pill and struggle the rest of his life to live his truth. Sometimes, life might feel as though we must struggle to live our truth but we can live our truth without worrying that life has to be difficult because we choose to live our truth. Life can be wonderful especially when we choose to live our truth. One of the things I truly love about the message we receive about using the law of attraction is when we feel bad or we feel disconnected from the path that we know will bring us happiness, we are furthest from our truth.

In other words, when we feel we cannot have what we want in life because of something our mind tells us is the reason, we feel bad because our truth is telling us the thoughts and feelings we are having is not true. We can live the life we desire and we deceive ourselves into believing we have to suffer to live the life we desire for ourselves. Living the life we desire is the truth of who we are and what we are suppose to experience in life. Living a life as we hope and dream about does not mean we are blindly living life away from the truth as Morpheus was convincing Neo when offering him the blue pill. Just as the young boy convinced Neo the reason he could bend the spoon was due to “there is no spoon”, we can say there is “no pill.” We can live our truth and be happy knowing that our happiness is the truth.


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