Xuan Kong Flying Star Analysis for March 6 – April 4th

Flying Star Combinations

Shifting Energy for March 2018

With shifting energy during the year, the outcome relationship between annual and monthly flying star combinations can alter inauspicious and auspicious areas of our space. Flying star combinations do not cause concern except we live in and around these shifting energy qualities. Cures do not eliminate the negative influence. Cures only minimize the capacity of triggering these energies. We examine the relationships while focusing on the flow of auspicious Qi.


Areas of Concern

North – Metal

The #5 degrades during period 8. The energy of the #9 magnifies the effects of other stars. Metal cure in the form of copper or brass helps minimize the trigger effect of #5. Sleep or work in another area if possible.

Northeast – Fire

The potential of the #7 metal robbery star intensifies the negative quality of the #3 annual energy in the Northeast. The interaction between the #7 metal and #3 argument wood star relates to injury of limbs, illness, theft, and legal confrontations. Minimize chances of triggering these two energies with the use of bright lights providing quality of the fire element.

East – Fire

Even though the combination between the #7 metal star and #2 earth star relates to potential financial opportunities, be leery of spending time in this sector. The combination relates to isolation, loneliness, and possible gastrointestinal problems. Be leery of fire hazards. Minimize activity and use water element.

Southeast – Fire

The Southeast area in March #3 wood star visits the #8 earth wealth star. The combination influences danger for young children related to injury. Avoid water elements in this area and minimize the #3 strength with the fire element cure and minimize activity in this area.

Northeast – Metal

The #5 yellow earth visits the Northeast #1 metal star in March. The combination relates to potential issues with pancreas, reproductive organs, drug abuse, and hearing. Avoid fire elements in this sector and minimize the effects of the #5 yellow using metal cures such as copper or brass.


Areas With Quality Potential


Although the South palace influences good academic, travel, and relationship endeavors in 2018, the visiting #8 may encourage isolation tendencies. Remember to relax and renew your energy if you spend long periods of active time in the South during March. Make effort to connect with loved ones and avoid excessive time alone.


The #1 water star visits the Southwest sector in March to April with the #6 metal star. The #1 star relates to literary success or increase in military rank. However, combination with the #6 creates  weakening qualities most influential with the father or supportive figure in the form of stress and anxiety.


The #6 water star visits the West sector in March bringing financial success and prosperity to occupants. Attraction intensifies due to the combination mostly spiritual rather than seductive.


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