Feng Shui: Solar and Lunar Calendars

Many benefit referring to the almanac which includes the phases of the New and Full Moon in any given month. The New moon is when the Earth sits completely between the moon and Sun, and the Full moon is when the Moon sits completely between the Earth and Sun! The problem exists in most calendar because of the time of the New moon in the equinoxes and solstices each year.

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Life Coach: Self-awareness is Step One to Success

In order to successfully navigate life and achieve our goals, we usually have expectations of ourself along with the task in mind. Many times, we may blame our lack of success on external reasons.

Rightfully so, external conditions do play an important role in our ability to achieve goals. Take for example how difficult owning a blog would be without the existence of the internet. The nearest thing to a blog back 30 years ago is a news journal article. Today, some 86% of Americans use the internet, up 36% just since the year 2000. More than 45% of people 12-18 years old read blogs and more than 10% of them work on their personal blog!

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Feng Shui: The Value of Sitting and Facing Directions

Feng Shui, Classical Feng Shui, is an acient science of metaphysical energy patterns in our home and environment that can influence our life in different ways. Such as our potential for accumulating wealth, experiencing optimum health, or enjoying meaningful relationships. The larger aspect of metaphysical energy in Feng Shui is based on the flow of Qi (pronouced Ch-ee). Qi is an invisible force, and one that permeates in and around everywhere in the environment.

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