Feng Shui: The Value of Sitting and Facing Directions

Feng Shui, Classical Feng Shui, is an acient science of metaphysical energy patterns in our home and environment that can influence our life in different ways. Such as our potential for accumulating wealth, experiencing optimum health, or enjoying meaningful relationships. The larger aspect of metaphysical energy in Feng Shui is based on the flow of Qi (pronouced Ch-ee). Qi is an invisible force, and one that permeates in and around everywhere in the environment.

Your experience with setbacks such as one wrong thing happening right after another without a clue why is the reason we practice Feng Shui. Times we cannot explain why but believe something beyond our control is hindering us maybe speculative but at least directional.  Constant problems demand a solution, and when we are out of answers, the next best thing usually takes the form of enquiring about the quality of metaphysical energy in and around our environment. When people hear the word Qi, they may first only think of Qi as a life giving force. However, Qi can exist in many different qualities; even poor damaging qualities. Sometimes, we need to do more than just move our furniture.

Feng Shui allows us to foresee the potential and quality of energy present in a particular space. Some energy can promote or inspire better opportunities such as possible promotion at work while other qualities of energy can enhance the quality of our relationships. We understand these principles since we dress up for our review at work, or light candles to propose over a romantic dinner to increase our chances for success. However, we might seldom think about low quality level metaphysical energy influencing our already weakened state or energy; possibly further weakening or hindering our potential.

Just as we might reserve a romantic spot to be with that special person, we also want to understand the quality of energy in our space. These metaphysical qualities of energy with the strength of influence depends on if we spend a dedicated amount of time in a particular space based on the sitting/facing direction of the structure. Most people are familiar with applying annual or even monthly cures to counteract or enhance incoming energy patterns. These cures only provide balance for the month or year, while the energy character of the facing and sitting direction lasts long after the annual energies shift. Without understanding the metaphysical strengths and weakness of our space, we could experience constant problems after annual and monthly cures become little of value.

Each cardinal and sub-cardinal direction exerts certain and persistent qualities of Qi native to a structure or building for at least as long as people use that space. The annual stars come and go, but the natal chart of a structure can last for 20 or more years. Therefore, a structure facing East will have a different energy character than a house facing West. Because the direction of East has different qualities of Qi than the direction of West; even though both spaces are subject to the current period 8 lo shu pattern.


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