When To Consult in Feng Shui

Whether you are looking for a job, considering marriage, or moving to a new location, you may think about hiring a Feng Shui consultant. Realistically, Feng Shui is a great tool to help ease the transition of many life goals. However, you may not necessarily need to spend money on a Feng Shui consultation.

The idea behind writing this article is to explain some misconceptions of what Feng Shui can and cannot do. The worst thing to do is feel the need to hire a Feng Shui consultant because you hear that having a stove in a certain area of your house is bad and you need someone to help you figure out what to do or impending danger lurks in your future. If you are living in a space for the span of some time and no problems rear their ugly head up to now, you probably have a space that supports most of your life ambitions.

Many people may not realize Feng Shui can help minimize half hazard or worse dangerous energy, but the time to discover these types of energy patterns is before moving into a space. Now that I know what I know, I would hire a consultant before purchasing a home if I did not know how to do an analysis myself. Although, most homes will have potential for good and not so good energy. We cannot get a perfect space where every room offers life changing energy. So, Feng Shui is most useful in a preparation stage for major life changes such as getting married, changing careers, or moving into a new apartment or house.

Relationships: Tying the knot is a major life change for most people. We all question the idea of such a huge commitment which is normal and healthy. However, Feng Shui cannot help us make the decision. In other words, Feng Shui is not a crystal ball that will tell us how our decision will ultimately play out for us. Feng Shui can help us get marriage off to a great start by choosing an appropriate or auspicious date for the ceremony.

Human relations definitely are an important part of Feng Shui considering without human interaction nothing in the environment would matter or change as much (think about how human energy alters the environment on a grander scale; subtle human energy also changes the environment but the environment has an influence on human energy as well!).

Feng Shui helps us uncover environmental forces at work so we can minimize potential energy patterns that can place strain on a relationship. For example, most relationships have ups and downs such as brief disagreements, but constant fighting does not mean Feng Shui has all the answers. Such a situation requires effort for change, which may mean prioritizing guidelines for communication. But, what about those times of sudden outburst that we cannot explain especially when their behavior is totally out of character. Feng Shui does have an answer for these types of situations.

For example, existing types of negative energy have the potential to effect good behavior. One loud noise or bump can release the energy creating sudden havoc. While I do not mean to scare anyone, these energies are few in existence but do exist in most spaces. The reason why we need to understand the natal energy maps of our space as well as annual afflictions that can intensify already existing energy and situations so we know how to get along in our unique living environment or work environment (any environment really).

I remember brief encounters of bullying as a child and wondered if the space where we lived had something to do with those experiences. Just because we live in a space, we cannot always know if the space is the culprit. We lived in another house wehre I also experienced bullying, so this leads me to believe there were energy patterns in my birth chart as well as possibly energy patterns in others birth chart that may contribute to such experiences.

Also, I went to school for 7 hours a day which means the energy patterns in the school building or classroom need consideration as well. However, Feng Shui can help let us know if our space supports marriage and most human relations. Do not take relationship problems lightly if you or your partner recently make a move though. I know of several relationships that work great until one or the other decide to change their living environment such as one moving in with the other or both moving together to a new location!

Career: Feng Shui is not an exact or even guarantee to fame and fortune. We have to do preliminary work understanding personal strengths and weaknesses before leaping into a career we are not ready to take on. Feng Shui cannot tell us what career decisions to make, but we can discover what career our space best supports. Again, just because our space supports a career in sales does not mean people will be lining up at our office or store or owners automatically become rich from magical sales.

We also have to take into consideration time along with space. A home that may support a person in sales may not offer that same energy if the space is remodeled or the environment around the space changes such as new landscaping. We also have to consider Yin and Yang energy, because some careers are Yin in nature while others are Yang natured and time because time influence change in industry as well as our behavior! The time we want to consider our space regarding our career is after we are in a career and discover if our space supports the energy needed to be successful in that career, but we also need to know personal as well as annual energy flows (industry related) which can hinder or enhance certain careers.

From personal experience, I began my undergraduate studies in one house and finished up and started my graduate studies in another house. I was still able to make progress after the move just as I did in the previous location. After completing my graduate studies in the new house, I made the decision to enroll in another graduate program and the plan fell through! I can only think that time was a major constituent in the experience as well as the energy flow for education industry.

I believe the previous space was supportive of beginning new adventures in career where as the new place maybe not so good for new adventures; just existing adventures. I say this because my husband retired from the military while in the earlier place and went into a new career. Since moving, he has not been able to change his career location but he has been able to acquire promotion. Is he stuck in this new career? Am I stuck in not being able to advance in a career? Since graduating I cannot seem to land a new job or get into any new programs which was so easy in the other space!

Had I been persistent and determined to discover why the plan fell through even though nothing other than a change in location had occurred; I would hire a Feng Shui consultant to help me get that plan in motion. I did not consider moving to a new location might have an effect on my ability to enroll in a new graduate program. To be more precise, rules that changed in the institution were the culprit, so the situation was beyond my control. However, my space could support in ways that could help me achieve my goals if I pursue the situation more by understanding the energy patterns in the new space; hiring a Feng Shui consultant can help in these types of situations to figure out if the problems is in the space, industry(s), or individuals.

To be more open and revealing about the subject, I decided to take a break from my studies, and i am glad because I have time to sit back and think about what I want to do with the education earned. But, I also discovered the time of my personal energy patterns suggest I need to “lay low for a span of ten (time) years.” I may need to just spend time studying and applying what I already know in subtle areas of my life. I am an ambitious person so I have to take each day at a time; especially when I want to keep moving forward. As for my husband, his energy patterns may tell him something similar or different. We do not need to just assume our space is the culprit; although, I am sure there are subtle influences that do exist.

Changing Locations: Which brings us to the final area of life that most people consult Feng Shui and that is seeking out a new home or office space. Homes and offices come in all shapes and sizes, but to get the most out of life, we want our space to support our lifestyle or career. Feng Shui can suggest our space has a wealth element or quality, but we will not necessarily enjoy wealth. Our decisions and habits will predominantly wager on our ability to maximize upon the qualities our space offers. Great salespeople can live in a space that does not offer much sales support!

But, also remember time is relevant which includes where the person spends most of their time just as Feng Shui might suggest school buildings possibly encourage arguments between children or faculty. In these situations we have to consider the individual’s energy patterns coming together. Because a space does not create arguments, only increases the opportunity. Moving into a space that supports sales, a great sales person will find possible increased opportunities for sales.

Feng Shui helps us capitalize on those areas of our life we want to maintain and keep working smoothly even improve upon. For example, you may be a sales person not doing so well and move into a supportive office that can help improve skills you already possess. Energy in our space can support healing or open business (career, relationships) opportunities that seem to evade us in our experience in other spaces.

While the healing support may seem elementary, we need to be able to determine what area of the space promotes healing or can hinder maybe even halt healing which really has nothing to do with careers or relationships unless you are in the medical field! In psychology, we understand the powerful influence nature can have on reducing working memory stress, so the need to mention the powerful influence the environment can have on our health seems important. Feng Shui does not heal per say, but we can use Feng Shui to discover if a space supports or hinders healing or healthy behavior.

Feng Shui cannot heal or magically provide us wealth or guarantee our success; only help improve upon areas we may struggle in life. So, Feng Shui is not necessarily just a last resort for sudden tragic situations but more a useful tool to get us off to a good start. We need to know when we need to consult Feng Shui and what Feng Shui can and cannot do. Relationships, careers, and Health are areas important in most Feng Shui consultations where Feng Shui can prescribe what areas of our space offer support and what areas might worsen already problem areas in our life.

The most important time to hire a Feng Shui consultant is when we plan to move into a new space. The reason is because changing locations can have an impact on our existing health, career, or relationships. We may get lucky (risk) as I did while going to school and be able to continue experiencing good results, but we need to consider the idea that new spaces will have different energy patterns that can eventually halt, hinder, or enhance any area of our life we currently enjoy or need improvement.