You Can Blog Without Start-up Costs

Today, I want to encourage my readers to blog. Why? Blogging has many benefits from helping us learn to be accountable to ourselves to learning how to invest in our future interest. No one should be without some form of understanding of how the internet works. We use to have the option of whether to learn how to use technology, or not; but, we do not have that option today.

No matter where we go in life today, we feel the influence of the internet. If we want to earn rewards each time we fuel up, or save 40% on purchases; we need to know how to use the internet. Most websites are basically in blog format!

Whether you have children going to school and need to be able to help them learn to navigate technology, or someone who will someday be faced with needing to use the internet for work or business reasons, you have to start somewhere; so why not begin a blog? Maybe you are afraid to mess up somehow so that is why you do not blog. With blogging systems such as Blogger or WordPress, you cannot mess anything up! Maybe you feel you do not have any money to invest in setting up a blog. Here again, blogging systems such as Blogger and WordPress are free to use.

I do not advise beginners to invest money in beginning a blog. Some feel they have to invest in a hosting company or expensive themes to be successful, but I can tell you I have been blogging for over ten years, and I have spent money on expensive themes only to find the themes too complicated and more restricting to use than free ones provided by blogging systems. Do not spend money on blogging if you are a beginner.

Once you have some experience under your belt and feel you are ready to take the experience to the next level you will know better what you want in a theme, then and only then you can think about investing money on your blog! I think the first thing I found I needed to invest in my blog was for storage because I went through a stage of feeling I needed to share photos on every blog post becasue some guru suggested in order to be successful “photos draw readers in!”

What I did not realize is the person got a small commission for me buying extra storage. **Boy, I felt naive! Now, the most important thing for me in writing on my blog is to help others, not draw them in to buy something from me! If you buy something from me, I would like to think my work speaks for itself; although, I do not frown on someone earning money online or from their blog. People who offer quality products and services sometimes for free is just as irritating to me. I know what it takes to create a post or manage a blog, so someone putting forth the effort should receive worthy compensation for their hard work. I think sometimes I feel my posting is a labor of love, but I find reward in writing because I learn a lot from doing.

But, you can find enough storage to get started on either of the two systems I mention. Then, you can guage what you want to do as far as storage. Read up on what is important to subscribers if you plan to share your work with others via notifications pertaining to making sure to protect their privacy. Otherwise, you are not required to have subscribers to start a blog.

Also, you want to read over the systems rules of membership, such as what you can and cannot share on your blog based on their guidelines. When you sign up for a free blog, they require you follow certain guidelines. If you plan to share health, legal, or professional advice or provide products and services make sure to follow policies and obtain disclaimers from an attorney that protects the rights of those you do business with online. Bloggers are smart to spend the extra money on these necessities especially understand copyright laws and regulations procedures.

Just a simple disclaimer allowing your readers know you do not have any professional certification keeps your readers from being misled. For example, I am not an attorney, so I cannot tell you exactly what you need to have in place to protect your readers or subscribers (customers). So, do your homework  in this area of owning and operating a blog.

Anyone who tells you a blog is not successful without spending x-amount of dollars is hogwash! I have attracted over 300 subscribers using a free theme by wordpress.  The only thing you may want to do is think about investing in a domain name which can cost between 10-30 dollars a year. This is only if you think others will want to visit your blog often making your blog easy to find due to a special domain name. You do not have to have a domain name though, its purely up to you and you can decide on a domain name after you blog a while and see how it all works out for you and those who may want to subscribe to your blog.

Maybe you fear that what you write will get lost. I can tell you that some 13 years after my first blog post on Blogger still exists. I enjoy sometimes going over some of my first post so I can see how far I come over the years. When you start buying website host and being responsible for the backend of your blog is when you need to be responsible for backing up your data, or spend moeny hiring the hosting company to back up data for you.

Blogging systems such as WordPress and Blogger will take care of all that for free. The only way you might lose your posts in these systems is if you delete them yourself which is difficult to do without knowing you are doing so. The only thing you need to know is to make sure to hit the save button before closing your browser unless the blogging systems automatically saves your work. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start writing your ideas on a blog. You will be surprised at those who will delight in what you have to share with them! Besides, its good for you to be sociable, but you do not have to spend a small fortune to do so.

**The links within this post do not earn me a commission; they merely offer you ease of locating services I think are helpful and that I recommend.