Why We Need Long Term Goals

When we think about balancing our budget, planning a vacation, or buying a home, these are really some short term goals. Yes, these goals are futuristic but if we are to be good at planning for the future, we need to think long term. When we were younger, my husband and I for some reason were always concerned about retirement. Ok, mostly my husband, and I say this because I would think to myself “why is he so interested in retirement” when we are still in our twenties!

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All You Need For Success is Focus

Ask any successful entrepreneur or executive of a leading company what is the most important thing they do to succeed and my bet is they tell you “focus”.

Most success starts out as a dream that overtime comes into fruition through brainstorming, planning, and taking action. But, the one thing that keeps the momentum going once achieving the first paycheck, completing the first winning product, or landing the first important position in a leading company is focusing on what is most important and taking action.

In college, focus is the major commodity while taking action is study and limiting distractions. No matter how much experience we have in life, focus is something we must nurture and practice. Not everyone has the immediate ability to achieve focus. Whether we are kindergarteners or presidents, we all start out having to learn how to manage attention.

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You Can Blog Without Start-up Costs

Today, I want to encourage my readers to blog. Why? Blogging has many benefits from helping us learn to be accountable to ourselves to learning how to invest in our future interest. No one should be without some form of understanding of how the internet works. We use to have the option of whether to learn how to use technology, or not; but, we do not have that option today.

No matter where we go in life today, we feel the influence of the internet. If we want to earn rewards each time we fuel up, or save 40% on purchases; we need to know how to use the internet. Most websites are basically in blog format!

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Life Coach: Self-awareness is Step One to Success

In order to successfully navigate life and achieve our goals, we usually have expectations of ourself along with the task in mind. Many times, we may blame our lack of success on external reasons.

Rightfully so, external conditions do play an important role in our ability to achieve goals. Take for example how difficult owning a blog would be without the existence of the internet. The nearest thing to a blog back 30 years ago is a news journal article. Today, some 86% of Americans use the internet, up 36% just since the year 2000. More than 45% of people 12-18 years old read blogs and more than 10% of them work on their personal blog!

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